Visual Impressions Team

The Visual Impressions Team

About Us

Back in 1990, we had no idea how much fun we’d have helping our customers build their ASI businesses. Early on we learned that by providing quality products enhanced by our intense attention to detail, we had an amazing business opportunity.

But what’s made us successful isn’t solely reflective of our products and services. We are honest, faithful, have integrity and treat people with respect and through the years we’ve discovered that keeping our customers satisfied is what makes doing our job worthwhile. Without happy clients, we wouldn’t be here. The most important part of the equation in measuring success is through our customers. These are the individuals responsible for our existence and reason to continue growing each year. Anyone who has worked in our industry for more than a few months knows the challenges of finding good partners and finding solutions to problems. We forge strong partnerships with our customers so that through thick and thin, we are able to service them with consistency in every stage of an order.

We’ve also made a commitment to investing in the future. That’s why in 2006, we made some major changes in many critical areas of our business. First, we moved into a 99,000 square foot facility to accommodate our future growth. In addition, we increased our production capacity with additional screen printing presses which will allow us to print upwards of 10 million impressions annually. Though that number is staggering, everyday we still produce 24, 48 and 100 piece orders. We also utilize the most advanced screen imaging equipment to achieve the highest quality prints on press. The Kornit Direct-On-Garment press is also another innovation that we use for short-run, full color reproductions. Additionally, in 2016 we created a new operation in St. Louis, Missouri with Kyle and Gabrielle as our partners to manage this facility. In 2018, we expanded to a new building allowing us to add more equipment and create a nicer environment for everyone. Stop in if you are in the area and speak with them about working together.

We are nestled among pine trees on the Northside of a Milwaukee industrial park and in St. Louis, Missouri. Inside are some of the finest customer service reps, artists, screen printers and embroiderers in the Midwest.

In the neighborhood? Stop by for a cup of coffee and a 25¢ tour. Then, let’s brain-storm some ideas on how to build your business selling decorated garments.

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Our Management Team

Todd Richheimer
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Kate Sherman
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Awards & Memberships

2018 SGIA Sustainability Recognition Award – SGIA
2015 SGIA Sustainability Recognition Award – SGIA
2015 Wisconsin Green Tier 1 Participant – License TI-2015-87
2015 Green Masters Certification – Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council
2014 Sustainability Recognition Award – SGIA
2014 Green Professional Certification – Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council
2014 Manufacturer of the Year Nominee – Manufacturing Industry of America
2014 Honoree of the National Disability Employment Awareness Month
2014 Exemplary Employer Award – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
2013 Manufacturer of the Year Nominee – Manufacturing Industry of America
2013 Sustainability Recognition Award – SGIA
2013 SGP Sustainability Certification – License ID: 0413-1364915293
2013 Scale Up Milwaukee Participant – Inaugural Entrepreneur Class
2010 Appreciation Award – A.K. Rose
1997 Master Mettle Award – Metro Milwaukee Future 50
Member of the MMAC – Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce