CPSIA-Logo In order to facilitate meeting the guidelines as established by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, Visual Impressions has implemented mandatory procedures that will allow our youth oriented product to be in compliance with this law. We have permanently switched to Epic brand ink for all apparel printing as it meets all criteria for lead and non-phthalate content, while giving us the flexibility and performance needed for our demanding clientele. Visual Impressions has had this inks system tested by an independent lab and the testing result confirms the compliance objectives outlined by the CPSIA regulations. As required by law, Visual Impressions prepares and makes available a General Conformity Certificate (GCC) for youth orders.

Another requirement of the CPSIA is the addition of adding a permanent tracking label to all youth apparel. The regulation des not mandate any standards for applying the label, or any guidelines for size or format. The intent is to identify the product should there be a need for a recall, and as Visual Impressions is considered the final manufacturer in the supply chain, we are required by law to complete this part of the process. As Visual Impressions is a contract printer, and our business information is proprietary we are using our internal Work Order Number with the Month / Year as the cohort information to precisely identify a product in a recall situation. To facilitate this we are offering a free method of adding the tracking label information which will entail adding a small set of numbers underneath one of the print locations. As this can be handled by our art department and doesn’t require any extra production effort, we can do this without any additional cost to our customers. If you feel aesthetically this would not work with your design, we can add the same information somewhere to the inside of the garment on a hem for an additional $0.35 per shirt. See below for examples.



CPSC General Conformity Certificate

Visual Impressions, Inc. certifies that the product listed below was decorated by Visual Impressions, Inc., complies with all rules, bans, standards and/or regulations applicable to these products under any act enforced by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and listed below. With respect to each product covered by this certificate, certification for the product is based on a specific test of that product or upon a reasonable and ongoing testing program of the materials and components in the production of the product.

Visual Impressions, Inc. 6600 W. Calumet Road, Milwaukee, WI 53223 (414) 354-9190
Contact: Todd Richheimer (Partner) – (414) 586-5615

Manufacturing Locations
Visual Impressions, Inc. 6600 W. Calumet Road, Milwaukee, WI 53223 (414) 354-9190
Product Information for this Certificate
Visual Impressions Work Order #123456, 2 color front, 2 color back on 528 G-2000B t-shirts

Date of Manufacture
Printed on 4/17/12 with Epic Brand Series Inks.

Testing Facility and Test Information
SGS North America Inc. Consumer Testing Services, 291 Fairfield, NJ 07004, (973) 575-5252
Christina Crimi, Assistant Laboratory Manager, Chemistry Laboratory
Test Report No. 2718148-CH01 4/4/2012
Tested & Passed – Total Lead Content and Phthalate Content as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008
Lead Test Method: CPSC-CH-C1001-09.3 – Analysis was performed by Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry

Applicable Bans, Rules, Standards and Regulations for Which Compliance is Certified

Lead Paint (Surface Coating) – meets 90 ppm standard effective on 8/14/2009 under 16 CFR 1303.1

Lead (Accessible Substrate) – is in compliance with or less than the 300 ppm standard effective 8/14/2009 under section 101(a)&(b) of H.R. 4040, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008

Phthalates – Meets the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 regulation that permanently bans child care articles that contain concentrations of more than0.1% of DEHP, DBP, or BBP. An interim ban is also affixed to DINP, DIDP and DnOP. The term “Child Care Article” is defined by the CPSIA as “…a consumer product designed or intended by the manufacturer to facilitate sleep of the feeding of children age 3 or younger, or to help such children with sucking or teething.”

Flammability (Children’s Apparel) – meets Class 1 – Visual Impressions sources garments from vendors that are committed to a good faith issuance of a continuing guarantee and is therefore exempt under 1610.1(d)(1), therefore acceptable for use in children’s clothing.

Natural and manufactured textiles do not contain lead in excess of the 100 ppm limit and are exempt from testing. 16 CFR 1500.91

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