Packaging Services

Overlooking the Packaging Department

Overlooking the Packaging Department

  • Individual Polybag
  • Individually Folding and bagging of multiple items in 1 bag
  • Individual Fold
  • Size Sticker Bags
  • Private Labeling Product
  • Price Tickets/ Retail Tags
  • Special labeling including UPC Barcode
  • Building Pre-packs / Sorting
  • Multiple Distributions to various addresses

*when requesting these above options, please keep in mind they do add production time. Please account for this when scheduling your ship date.

Freight Concessions (Free Freight with $50 minimum order) (PSST available to you upon request which offers you free freight on all orders) Please read terms on attached– downloadable info (Free freight on all orders – no minimum!)

For more information or a quick quote, please contact us.